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Little Fires EP

People often ask me what genre my music is, & I really don’t have one, but I prefer it that way. I never give a definitive answer, as that is almost like destroying the blank canvas I have in my mind when creating. I’ve previously released an EP that had elements of Electronic/Grime, since then I’ve released things that could be considered Anthemic Synth Pop, but this is the most excited I’ve been about releasing anything. I suppose you could call this new EP Indie/Pop, but again, I don’t like labelling anything. I don’t really do that to the music I listen to and find it even harder to do it with the music I make. Either way, creating this new EP has been so gratifying, from the music, to the production, to the lyrics. Listening back to it as a whole, it feels like a story to me, a play-by-play of the last few years. Most of my music is autobiographical, but as you will hear in the lyrics on this EP, sometimes it's many experiences rolled into one to create a story. I think that theme kind of threads throughout the whole EP. So here is some insight into what was going through my mind when writing each song...

1. Fit Right Out

Fit Right Out is a song about feeling out of place or like you’ve never quite belonged. I suppose the story I tell in Fit Right Out is a mixture of real events where I’ve felt uncomfortable. It’s strange because when I get on stage to play music, I’m very upbeat and confident, but off-stage, it’s a bit of a different story, I’ve always been quite socially awkward and suffer with anxiety and different things. Fit Right Out kind of tells the story of all that and takes a bit of a comedic view of some of the struggles I face on a daily basis

2. Best You Lie

Best You Lie is pretty much one big argument played out from beginning to end. It’s about someone knowing that their being lied to, but preferring to be lied to because they just don’t want to face the truth. The idea for Best You Lie came from the fact that social media can be a big killer in modern relationships. I started picturing scenarios of how these kind of arguments / breakups could play out. Drawing a little bit from past experiences too, I managed to create this whole dramatic scene with the lyrics and I think a lot of people will be able to relate to them

3. Little Fires

I wrote Little Fires straight after watching on old western film, it was that classic story where the main character is on the run with a lady he’d fallen for along the way. By the end of the film they had to go their separate ways, but they had been through so much in the time they were together.  It just made me think about how it was a kind of metaphor for so many modern relationships that don’t quite make it. So the lyrics have a mix of old and new imagery, but I think that no matter when you’re talking about, the story is still the same. Other people have taken a completely different interpretation of the lyrics to this song, so I suppose it’s whatever you make of it and I’d rather it be that way

4. Now & Again

I often hear people say that they meet up with someone they haven’t seen in years and things are just like they were back then. That’s where the idea for Now & Again came from. I suppose it’s about meeting up with people from your past and feeling like you haven’t missed a beat. It made me wonder if that ever happens with people who are actually meant to be together, but just see each other on rare occasions for whatever reason and nothing ever comes of it

5. Still Alive

Still Alive was written after I’d read some posts on social media about people talking behind your back. You see a lot of these posts about people trying to put you down for living your own life and it just inspired me to write the track. Obviously drawing from my own experiences again, I managed to put something together that I think a lot will relate to. It goes back to people focusing on other people’s lives rather than their own and why they do that. This song feels like a bit of an anthem against all that, a middle finger to the ones who try to put you down

6. Lime

I’ve always found it tough to write songs about being happy, & when I was writing the music for Lime, I felt like it had a nice kind of feel to it, so I thought the lyrics would need to reflect that. So what I decided to do was write about a happy time but in a dark and twisted way, doing a complete 180 from the feel of the instrumentation. The verses in the song stay quite reserved with the imagery, but the choruses take on a darker tone and I found it to be a cool contrast from the sound of the music 

You can now get hold of the Little Fires EP here

I had such a great response when I did the EP Listening Party right in the height of Lockdown. You can now revisit the Listening Party below:

If you're reading this then thank you so much for your support, you don't know what it means to me. I'll hopefully have some new music coming your way very soon

Diives :)

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